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Davos Macro Research is a Newport Beach, CA based investment research firm specializing in global macro investment analysis. We provide research services for institutional clients. Our background in value investing, top-down global macro trading, and volatility markets, allows us to provide a unique perspective on markets.

Institutional Global Macro Research

Davos Macro Research specializes in bridging the gap between top down macro analysis and analyzing and trading volatility via the options market. We offer investment research and consulting for institutional investors such as hedge funds, insurance companies, volatility funds, family offices, and wealth managers.

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We provide a broad range of services including:
  • Derivatives Trading Advice
  • Geopolitical Analysis
  • Valuation Analysis
  • Market Commentary
  • Trading Strategies/Ideas
  • Stop levels and Technical entry signals from Fundamental Volatility model
  • Fundamental Risk Management for Quant Strategies
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Single Stock Summaries and Interpretation
  • Real Time Portfolio Tracking
  • Monthly Macro and Industry Expert Calls

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Davos Macro Quick Takes & Options Corner

Davos Macro Quick Takes is an abbreviated version of our institutional research. For more information, click the button below.

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Nick has shared insights from Davos across multiple media outlets. We have our own independent YouTube channel, Analyzing Finance with Nick, and our commentary has appeared on other major media outlets such as Seeking Alpha, Zero Hedge, the Korelin Economics Report, USA Today, and CBS News.

Analyzing Finance with Nick:

Keynote Speech at the 2024 Finance Alliance FP&A Conference:


"I read Davos Macro Research on a daily basis. Nick's thoughts are insightful and the trade ideas are differentiated and clearly articulated. The customizable research suite is unparalleled in its breadth and depth while the expert calls are always timely and illuminate the most important issues in the market."
- Macro Hedge Fund Manager in Los Angeles
"As a predominantly fixed income manager, my main use of Davos Macro Research is his macro and volatility outlook versus specific trade ideas. I greatly benefit from Davos' insights cross asset correlation, his alternative inflation indicators, and his way of translating what global political developments into actionable advice on managing positions. I also benefit from how he handicaps expected volatility for key macro events on a regular basis so I can adjust gamma exposure accordingly."
- Ryan Martin CFA, Curve Capital

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For further information regarding evaluations, subscriptions or general information to the services provided by Davos Platinum Research, please call Marc Mishkin at +01 419 554 7009 or email him at marcb@mjresearch.org.
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